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What Are Box Templates?

A box template is a model, which is created with total measurements and framework. Users could use them to optimize their brand boxes. For instance, a popcorn box model. Along with the packaging category, the expected shape is already formulated with a required message (e.g. one’s objective, past work expertise, etc.) which is substituted with data that is fruitful to you. You could buy a box template from packaging manufacturers, and optimize your box according to your dreams. But if you do not have many resources, you might simply make free box templates yourself.

An editing software might need to make personalize free box template with the potential of the developer to craft a packaging design. When generating an especially designed model that could be saved, and reprocessed. It may involve

  • Custom Fonts
  • Designs 
  • Color Combinations 
  • Special Effects
  • Different Styles For Background
  • Or Even Required Content

Basic Precedents You Should Know

A custom template is a style, shape, or illustration, which you can use as a guide to optimize packaging boxes. Here we have a couple of precedents to do that:

  • A ruler is a framework to sketch lines.
  • The data file wherein the basic opening & closing sections are printed is a shape. You could copy it and then fill in varying sections.
  • Flowchart Box shapes (not that much used at current) allow designers to make flowcharts or reasonable successions in expectation of constructing the design box model.
  • The design which you place on the computer console that reveals key formulate for a given function is a template for selecting the privilege keys to be pressed.

A framework is often a non-exclusive category or even other source code system, which you could take as a coding unit. In C++, an editorial planned to upload the language, there are some famous design Frameworks, where the project managers can select the best type of packaging style to modify.

Significance Of Templates

Packaging design is so vital for one’s packaging and has a significant role in retaining the positive impact of the brand. Shoppers who come to purchase your item could so much inspire by your item packed in stunning packaging. Box shape performs a quite significant function in the buyer’s willingness to purchase some items. Many corporations have made their items stand out using our stunning box styles for their product showcasing. So people would remind that brand because of their alluring design of containers. The box style relies on what type of attempt you’ve made. After that, this model is further beautified by customization tools and quality printing. The Square Box could be widened and published on many boards. if you are hunting for a perfect big size box. Similarly, Square Box Template is quickly made and optimized in a vast array of techniques. Normal Box design also needs basic customization. This box style is convenient and straightforward to design and optimize.

What Is Self-Customization of Free Box Templates?

Are you interested in getting a free box template? Feel no fear, you’re on the perfect site now. We can give you the different types of free box models and full access to our online tools to make any kind of customization. Users would be capable to select from these designs, making their packaging from our database, or rebuild a box shape of their own online. To personalize this model Box extra attractive, you’ll be free to optimize it in different color combinations, and that’s why the styles of customizing Box Template thereon. At the same time, to better know the procedure to create these box templates online, take a small look at all the following procedures.

1. Download Free Box Templates

You may access a bundle of free templates at any time you wish by downloading and finding one in a format the fits you. There are so many outlines for these styles which create your design easily & quickly. Follow these steps below to make a packaging model with a free design.

2. Select A Model

As it is stated earlier, you’re just going to be capable to download your required model online. So you have to buy that style. A better option is to go with one of them that’s free of cost. Collect free designs for your projects from wholly distinct sites to end up making a collection of preferences. Once you’ve got them sufficiently, pick the one you’re just supposed to be simple in manufacturing and available in an appropriate size you’re just struggling to find. You could also show your collected designs to your friends and family. Don’t forget that those are also the customers. So they could assist you in selecting that template, which is the best match for your packaging. This tip would help you in selecting the most likable shape to personalize your packaging containers.

3. Print That Model

Avoid conventional paper & choose cardboard. Since it is stiffer & rigid. A slim paper will not survive long. Its slimness will still diminish its resilience. Also, confirm that the measurement of the cardboard is sufficient for the dimension of the style you just select.

4. Draw Lines As Per Instructions

To craft the exact design, which are displayed on the Vector File, utilize a scale to make proper lines according to the instructions. Please ensure you don’t draw an extra portion of cardboard.

5. Cut Those Lines Properly

Not everyone cut lines perfectly. So, ensure that you’re cutting those lines you have drawn right. So your packaging box model is not flawed.

6. Fold The Corners Give A Proper Shape

Start folding the segments you’ve just cut and punctiliously position them around again so that their ends could match. Also, inspect the flaps if they are in the perfect place.

7. Assemble The Sides Of That Box

It is now up to you to keep the stuff you’re packing to stay in that box. You can assemble the sides of your folded templates with tapes it would be a good and cheap solution for you. But if you have to deliver your boxes to the door of your shopper. We suggest you use glue. 

Upcycle Your Design

Every user can further beautify its free box template with the help of online packaging suppliers. After properly cutting its sides, you could further apply a transparent coating or laminations of different shades to beautify the appearance of your printed box. Moreover, if you need to get premium designs you could place your request and work with Fast Custom Boxes experts. They would help you in creating free box templates with a vast range of add-ons, Matt and Gloss coatings, images, embossing, and much more.

Make Free Box Template By Hand

It’s mainly a steady technique of designing, and thus the only differentiation is that we are mainly those persons which are drawing the lines for the borders and corners of the free box template. While representing lines, you would be eligible to optimize that design with full freedom. In hand made free template designing, you have to utilize a ruler or some other measuring instrument. It could be beneficial to correctly define the lines. You would be capable to visualize it and draw a proper length of lines and the total distance off from each other.

Boxes & Tuckboxes : Formatting & Templates - Print & Play

Could We Personalize Our Template?

You could personalize a template according to your specs & likings. There are so many add-ons & beautification strategies that could optimize your design remarkably. If you need further modification in your selected design, our experts are always available to assist you in manufacturing your design in the way you are dreaming for. You could have full access to our online designing software. Where you would work on that project in a team with our designers. So you could further beautify and personalize your box design.

Where Do We Get Free Box Template?

We’re willing to offer our buyers free box template facilities. We’ve designed some trendy box templates to save their time and money. You’ve to click on the download button after choosing the box template. After that, we’ll come up with our finest free box design for further modifications, if you would require it. Do not waste your precious time. Let’s check our list of box models just for you.

Popcorn Box Template

We offer you a different types of templates to save your time as well as revenue. Popcorn box templates are among the most downloaded templates on our site. You can use them to craft your brand packaging containers. We offer you these online models in 3 standard sizes. But if you want a further modification, our engineers are always active for you.

Window Packing Box

You could have free packaging die-cut, PVC window, vector files, custom templates in all sizes and styles. These window box template could make your brand packaging very remarkable. Get our free window box template today and make your brand stand out. This model would let your buyers look at the product for which they are paying.

Bottle Box Packaging

Have a free custom bottle box model according to your personalized bottle packing, you could also have regular shapes for bottles like a 30ml bottle packaging template, 10ml bottle packaging template, a 120ml bottle packaging template. You can adjust their wall thickness and add special inserts to these shapes. This strategy keeps your delicate bottles safe throughout their shipment.  

Custom Printed Pillow Box 

You could also work with multiple attractive mini box models & custom pillow box templates. All of our packaging renderings would be accessible in vector files. You can get these custom pillow box templates in a broad range of color combinations by head on to our website. These styles of boxes are famous for their unique shape like a small pillow. You can further beautify your box design by adding PVC windows or custom ribbons in your pillow box templates.

Cube Style Packages

A Cube boxes Template is mostly required for small and medium-size products. So you would get these box patterns for both common and expensive items. We offer you tons of designing features to make your cube packaging different from others. You may get a lid box template. Moreover, you could design your box either in simple or premium modifications.

Burger Printing Boxes

These days, so many fast-food makers use attractively crafted burger box templates to wrap their burgers. You have free access to an unlimited range of burger box models. You could further have them optimized in any style, color, and shape. This could make you capable to make that model you are dreaming of.

Cereal Packaging Templates

We could also craft your cereal box templates & styles at affordable rates. You could save our free models quickly and free of charge to make an eye-catching container. You would also get so many customization add-ons to further beautify your packing models to make your packing look more appealing on market racks.

Custom Gift Boxes Designs

You could get these templates absolutely free. There many modifications that you could do in customizing gift packaging. You may use a heart shape design to feel your beloved special. We are professionals in manufacturing gift box templates and offer the best ideas for Valentine’s Day, romantic occasions, and Anniversaries. You may also emboss “I Love You” to the front of your containers. This model is simple to craft and much alluring in appearance. You may also get other designs to beautify your template on our site.

beard oil boxes

Simple 4 Step Process To Make Custom Beard Oil Boxes Ideal for Delivery

Customization technologies are becoming a tremendous part of each business sector. As technology is changing, dull brown boxes are supplanted by impressive custom beard oil boxes. These boxes possess amazing properties. They give the wrapping of your brand oils a new and distinctive appearance, making it more attractive to shoppers. These boxes also has made its way into the transportation industry. By making durable packaging for transportation, you could prevent your goods during taxis. By Using elevated printing, animations, and some other illustrations, you could make your box stand out among all the audience.

Some Hidden Benefits of Beard Oil Packaging

Google is flooded with articles where there is increased trash of stuff in the act of manufacturing delivery containers These boxes overcomes all such defects by making a perfect size packaging for each bottle. This decreases the quantity of cardboard utilized to make the box. In addition, it also minimizes the need for the padding content required to fill a bigger box. Beard oil boxes help decrease cargo room and the weight of delivery products. If you have a big corporation, you may be able to estimate the benefits of these personalized boxes. Getting simple cardboard and transferring it to an appealing custom shipping packaging is good for a number of factors. Either you desire to get a few packaging boxes or have a big brand, the framework is convenient and straightforward. Below are those steps on how to end up making beard oil boxes for shipment:

1. Select a Suitable Material

The primary part of making these boxes is to pick the appropriate material. The selection of stuff depends totally on the nature of oil bottles. Cardboard is the fundamental stuff we are utilizing to make delivery boxes. It is a solidly built and durable material manufactured of wood pulp. It gives exceptional support for the oil bottles packed inside. It prohibits burden, dampness, and other exterior disruption. In the scenario of extremely sensitive glass bottles, basic cardboard could be formed extra sturdy by converting corrugated boards on them. Corrugated cardboard consists of a cardboard layer sandwiched among two smooth corrugated sheets. This will enhance its stiffness and endurance. We can make double or triple cardboard walls on the base client specifications. Custom beard oil boxes made from corrugated material could provide extra security for delicate bottles throughout shipment and storage.

2. Define the Proper Measurements

This is an important component in the formation of custom beard oil boxes. Work on the size of your packaging box. As your objective is to make a perfect package, you have to understand your beard oil bottle size. Calculate the size, length, and width of that bottle you want to pack. These are the measurements of your beard oil packaging. We recommend that the margin should keep from half to one inch while finalizing the dimensions. This will make it easier for the supplier to fit into the item without breaking or ruining the box.

3. Make Your Design

After you have done work on manufacturing stuff and measurements of beard oil boxes wholesale, the next step is to set up the outlook for your packaging boxes. In this specific instance, you have 2 alternatives. Either do-it-yourself or select an expert to do so. The one you select must be qualified enough with fonts, animations, and various color schemes. It should have an Abode Illustrator authority, and capable of making attractive and high-resolution designs. All of these aspects play an essential role in ascertaining an efficient beard oil box design. At Fast Custom Boxes, our professional graphic designers are 24/7 available in your service. They would love to know about your creative ideas and like to assist you in making your beard oil box design standout at no cost.

4. Printing and Customization Options

Printing is the element that can modify the whole look of your custom beard oil boxes. Custom printing is the key distinction between conventional shipping boxes and custom boxes. You could optimize the look of your containers by using a variety of advanced features. Adding the corporate logo, animations, graphics, and other intriguing patterns could make beard oil boxes more eye-catching for shoppers. You could then emboss the relevant beard oil information. Offset and digital printing technologies are frequently used to personalize beard oil boxes. There are also other features available rather than printing. The utilization of a personalized sticker, a specially made tape, or a label may serve this purpose. They are economical and add attraction to one’s beard oil boxes wholesale. 

Custom Boxes

5 Secret Features Of Custom Boxes In Packaging New Brand’s Products

In the old times, when the competition was not so high. It was so easy for new businesses to grow. Business owners were mainly focused on their product quality. It was so easy for them to grow their client base by simple strategies. Business owners told about their brand product to the shopkeepers. Those retailers further promote that particular product when customers visited their shops. But the game has completely changed now. Online shopping and free home delivery of products even from other states have a track on a big competition among all businesses. In this regard, people are now using custom boxes as a powerful strategy to grow sales, and promote their products. Want to know how? Just stay with us on this blog. 

What Are Custom Boxes?

Unlike plain brown packaging boxes, custom boxes wholesale are the modern type of packaging. Which provides you full freedom in selecting your required packaging design, shape, size, and beautifications you are dreaming of. Wholesale printed boxes offer you a wide range of features that we are going to discuss in detail below. 

1. Choose Packaging Material As Per Your Product Needs

You can get custom boxes wholesale manufactured in different types of material depending upon the needs of your packaging product. If you are packing some kind of bottles, you will need sustainable Cardstock or Corrugated material for your printed boxes wholesale. So it can sustain all kinds of mishandlings. 

Similarly, if you are hunting for customizations, you must go with Cardboard or Kraft type of materials. Which would be best for high-quality printings and personalization. At Fast Custom Boxes, you can get all you need. 

Unique Packaging Design: Custom Printed Boxes Wholesale Are More Attractive Than the Other Boxes

2. Manufacture In All Sizes And Shapes

Unlike typical rectangular boxes, you can get wholesale custom boxes in any shape and style you want. Our engineers with their professional skills can precisely customize your wholesale custom packaging in remarkable and interesting shapes like Pillow Boxes, Barrel Shape boxes, Cone Shape Boxes, Cylindrical Shape Boxes, 4 Sides Pyramid, 3 Sides Pyramid, Regular Polygon Prism, And Much More.

Furthermore, these wholesale printed boxes can be designed in all dimensions and sizes. Either your product small or big in size. You can get its best packaging match at Fast Custom Boxes.

3. Customize In Your Budget

We design and manufacture custom boxes wholesale according to your instructions. There is an unlimited range of options, which you can include to make your printed boxes wholesale standout in this competitive world. Most of us think custom boxes are expensive. But it’s not a fact. You can get them customized in your budget. If you are a new brand with a small financial plan. You can go with our simple but eye-catching customization features like Embossing, Debossing, Matte, And Gloss Laminations. Die-Cuts, PVC Windows, and much more. These features will make your wholesale custom packaging look worthy and would not be heavy on your pocket.

4. Promote Your Brand In Zero Pennies

Marketing and advertisement are like a backbone in your brand success. What if you can promote your product without investing a single penny? Sounds Crazy? Yes, of course, you can do it now with wholesale custom boxes. You can prominently emboss your brand icon on its front. Print every single detail on the surface of wholesale custom packaging boxes. So that more people could engage with your product and more your client cycle could grow. 

Print Custom Mailer Boxes - Corrugated Cardboard or Cardstock Boxes | UPrinting

5. Protect Your Products To The Next Level

Product protection is the most significant need in maintaining the brand reputation of any brand. What if you place an online order and get that product broken inside? Will you buy from that website again? Definitely no! To avoid this kind of delivery issues, custom boxes wholesale are precisely made by adjusting their board’s thickness and inserts according to your product nature. These printed boxes wholesale sustain all kinds of environmental conditions. Either it is a high temperature, humidity, or rain. You can safely pack and deliver your products in these wholesale printed boxes by blowing all your stresses and worries. 


By summarizing all this discussion in short, it is good to say custom boxes could be the best match for your brand packaging needs. You can personalize these wholesale custom packaging boxes in any size, style, or shape of this world. Fast Custom Boxes makes breathtaking modifications to make your wholesale printed boxes highly durable and the best-showcasing option. You can effectively promote your brand and get these boxes made in your budget. I hope it will help :)  

Christmas Boxes Customization

Christmas Boxes Customization – Guide 2020

We know that Christmas day is a very heated time to boost the sales of your products. Either you are running a bakery business, clothes, ornaments, or selling beautiful gifts on this event. Customers are packed in all stores. Same as if you run some kind of online business website traffic goes through the roof. That’s why it’s a good practice to make your best packaging strategy earlier because sooner is better.

Why You Have To Plan It Earlier?

Most of the brands keep their main focus on the production of their Christmas present first. That’s why they get late to prepare attractive boxes for their products. In this unprecedented state, where the pandemic could cast some bad impacts on your sales you should have some extra preparation for this event. According To the research of 2018-19,

  • 75% of the orders for Christmas Eve Packaging are placed between September’s 1st week to October’s 4th week.
  • 76% of brands place big orders as compared to regular days.
  • So it’s a better suggestion for you to place your order earlier this Christmas, as the production time is longer as compared to normal days.

1) Use Red And Green Christmas Color

Both Red and Green are the two main colors utilized in the event of Christmas day. As these colors indicate Christmas trees, decorations, caps, and much more. So when you will go to design Boxes on Merry Christmas Eve, you should use these two colors to mold your packaging layout according to the occasion. 

Your Christmas present packed in such Christmas-themed packaging gives a strong statement of this great event of the year. This strategy could double the elegance of your product wrapping as shown below. 

2) Use Ribbons

The primary decoration linked to a Christmas gift packaging is a ribbon.

Don’t presume that it’s a cliché. Ribbons could be both a simple innovation to the Christmas packaging layout and appropriate marketing space.

3) Inspire Your Clients With Rustic Designing

Christmas Packaging Boxes in rustic designs offers an organic warmth as well as you can get the benefits of its simplicity in look. These types of designs are perfectly fit for so many products of different categories. As all the products look elegant in this unique and attention-grabbing design. 

  • These boxes could be printed in earthy brown Natural Color or mono colors like Golden, Black, Shades of Grey, and White.
  • You should avoid making your Christmas gift box design more complicated. 
  • The logo of your company with the ribbons in shiny ribbons like Golden, Red, Black, and Green can give your packaging a festive look.     

4) Emboss Icons

Embossing makes a box design more beautiful and elegant by print icons and Merry Christmas images in 3D on its surface. There are tons of icons that you could beautifully emboss on the outer surface of your Christmas box. It’s the best solution used by lots of brands to upscale their brand appearance. 

  • You could emboss icons of Christmas tree, Santa with Reindeers, Christmas bells, and much more.
  • Same as you could also emboss the name and logo on your Christmas Eve boxes to make it looks more prominent. 
  • Connect the embossed surface along with the gold foiling, stamps, and stickers. 
  • You could add a luminous effect under your embossed Merry Christmas images of trees. 

5) Add Wood Wool

Wood wool is a perfect option for any Christmas Box.

More significantly, it offers further amortization somewhere within the package. Whether one organic color might be used or a seasonal colored version-red, green, and gold. In this manner, your client receives a wonderfully displayed product.

6) Christmas Stamps

Christmas Hot stamping is a process for lamination with a flickering foil of a specific section of the layout. The outcome is an original, bright template piece. Start with the addition of hot stamping to the logo or title of your company or make a unique festive emblem with a cool texture. A hot-marked lining may also be applied to a text imprinted on the Merry Christmas Eve containers.

7) Christmas Cards

Christmas is an event all about glowing lights, happiness, and make people smile. You can get benefits from this event and make your customers feel special in so many ways. You can make such packaging boxes that could bring a beautiful smile on the face of your patrons. 

  • You can wonder your patrons with the hidden Christmas cards and humorous texts. You could use professional handwritten fonts to print some beautiful words for your patrons on this occasion.
  • At the end of that card, a Thank You note could also be printed to show your company’s thankfulness to get your product. 

Note: Send these cards in Christmas themed envelops to your loyal customers. That will make them feel valuable by your brand and help you to keep your bond with customers healthy.  

8) Give A Luxury Touch With Black & Golden Colors

Christmas brings a lot of customers with it and every company tries its level best to grab the attention of clients as much it can. In this race, every business fights to present its products in an elegant Christmas box. Same as green and red colors two other secret colors make your Custom Christmas gift boxes superior in look.

  • Black Color is the indicator of charm, simplicity, and attraction.
  • Gold Color allied with the luxurious look. 

Even a simple Christmas packaging box looks premium with the blend touch of these two professional colors. 

9) Notes For Christmas Wishing

This strategy always plays a good in giving a personal feel to your custom Christmas packaging boxes. But here the main question is, Why? 

Only because everyone wants to be respected and honored individually. A beautifully written note for every individual customer wishing him Merry Christmas 2020 along with your sign would give your packaging a delicate touch. You could cover it in a personalized envelope to make your client happy and unexpectedly surprised them.

How Special Christmas Boxes Boost Your Sales

Christmas day! A big ocean of customers, a great opportunity to increase your product sales, and finally the best chance to expand your client circle. If you are running a business, Christmas Eve brought a lot of opportunities to cover all the losses your company had faced this year. But to get all the benefits you must need proper planning and some best marketing strategies that are affordable in cost and powerful enough to promote your brand in the best way.

Although if we are talking about an inexpensive and effective way of product marketing then nothing can take place of Custom Christmas boxes. Almost all the brands start planning to customize their product packaging from October and starts to place their order from the mid of October. These boxes give your product an occasional look and also add wow feeling to your item’s showcase on market racks. Boosting your sales is all about engagement with clients. 

Yearly Analysis of Products Sales in Christmas Boxes

The packaging is a very big and fatly growing industry all across the globe. As these boxes provide its users with a large number of benefits their demand is increasing day by day. Especially on Christmas Eve, these boxes boost the sales of every business 5 times more than average sales.

This chart shows the profit in Billions of all the businesses used Custom Christmas Boxes to display their products in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, MEA, and Latin America. The total profit generated by the companies used Christmas gift boxes was 350.6 Billion Dollars. However, with the increasing demand for these packages and the increasing number of clients every year, the profit would be expected to 440.6 billion dollars on Christmas 2024.

What thing is the main reason behind this big revenue? Well, the answer is simple. Special Christmas gift boxes. Most of the brands take advantage of this strongly attractive strategy that boosts their occasional revenue as compared to those companies that use simple premade packages. 

Likability Of Custom Packaging Over Simple Boxes

According to the marketing research, up to 70% of the people select a product after getting inspire form its unique personalization and designing. No matter what is inside the packaging, the first thing people interact with is the packing of the product. How a brand has displayed its product in front of their buyers. Good packaging improves your brand image in front of your buyers and could change their buying decision.

  • These packages are the right promoters and your business partners.
  • Their cost is a little bit more as compared to traditional boxes.
  • They are mainly designed with Merry Christmas images to get engage your products with more and more clients.
  • So these boxes are a good investment that you can do this Christmas day to upscale your brand revenue.

Features Of Christmas Boxes Uplift your Company’s Sales?

Strong First Impression

In supermarkets full of a variety of goods, it is critical that your company makes a fantastic first impact. Although not all initial impressions are supported by outstanding products, raising the probability that consumers invest in your business provides you the potential to prove your items are the finest in the sector.

Promotion From Christmas Color

That does not just have to be custom design forms that make your product look good and boost your sales. If your Christmas present need to be wrapped in a certain container, try coloring as a method of standing out. Dark shades could catch passers-by eye while pastel designs could attract attention as people browsing items. Christmas Colors are the main and powerful element that no one can neglect to make their packaging boxes look cool.

You should also include different design elements to make you stand out when you play with colors. High standard typography with illustrations will make a difference on Christmas 2020 as they are simple and readable. 

Keep You Safe From Product Redelivery

Christmas gift boxes are not just used to print Merry Christmas images on them but also to keep your expensive gifts safe from breakage. If your company is giving special service of home delivery to your clients this Christmas 2020, it is much important to keep that delivery product protected throughout its journey. If that Christmas present will get brake due to cheap packing your company would face loss. But these Christmas Eve boxes are made with highly durable cardboard with safety inserts. In this way, your gifts remain protected and save your money. Which indirectly increase your company revenue. 

christmas 2020

7 Ways To Get Christmas Gift Packaging In A Low Budget

Christmas Day, a festival that brings some of the happiest moments in our lives. An event to bring smiles on our faces. We all buy a different kind of precious Christmas presents to feel our near and dears special. We mostly keep our best focus on getting the most distinct present for our dears but we underestimate its packaging. But mostly we don’t have proper guidance in making our gifts more special utilizing alluring Christmas Eve boxes. The packaging is a part of the receiver’s experience and to present your gift in a most lovely way.

Moreover, if you are a business owner, and selling some kind of products on Christmas Eve, custom packaging also plays a vital role in catching the attention of your target clients. According to the results of a survey 2019 below, the value and power of Christmas boxes could be shown clearly.

Christmas Packaging Customization

Custom boxes are most liked due to their elegant looks and beautiful designs. There are tons of customizations, designs, and techniques that you could add to your packages to make them more attractive on Christmas Eve according to your budget. But there are also such techniques that could not just double the elegance of your product but are also affordable in cost. We have some most affordable ways to decorate your packaging to make it’s occasional.

1) Christmas Theme Printing

Printing is one of the main factors that could either increase your rates of packaging or decrease them. It is most important to judge which kind of printing is perfectly matching your packaging display needs.

We recommend you to go for DIGITAL PRINTING for your Christmas gift boxes as,

  1. 1 It is low in cost as compared to Litho Printing.
  2. 2 The quality of printing is comparable to offset printing.
  3. 3 Quick turnaround time.
  4. 4 If you are packing your product in Corrugated Boxes, Foldable Packages, Flexible Cardboard boxes. Digital Printing is a good choice for you. 

These are the 16 beautiful patterns of 2020 which you can use to print your Christmas Eve Packaging boxes.

Note: If you want to get multiple coatings for Matte soft Touch and top-notch gloss. Offset printing is a good selection for you. It would be a little bit costly but you can get multiple coatings with 4 color combinations. 

2) Custom Die Cut

Custom die-cut is a very powerful way to give your packaging boxes a unique look. You can cut different Christmas patterns and the Merry Christmas Images of trees, Christmas caps, reindeer, and much more on the upper surface of your cardboard packaging boxes. 

A small die-cut pattern on the corner of your Christmas 2020 packaging can keep your packaging box simple but exceptional in look. This is one of the most affordable ideas you can add to your Christmas boxes customization. 

3) Embossing & Debossing

Another best and affordable way to make Christmas day patterns more prominent in look is the process of embossing and debossing. If you don’t want to add die-cut Christmas icons to your packaging then this is the best alternative for you. 

  • Embossing is a way in which you can get your icons and Texts like “Merry Christmas” a little bit upward from the packaging surface.
  • Similarly Debossing slightly push your Merry Christmas Images and text inwards the surface as shown in the image below.
  • Moreover, you can also color these prominent parts according to the Christmas shades to give them a more delightful and festive look. 

4) Simple Is Better

We suggest you to use make your Merry Christmas eve packaging simple in look. There are multiple ways to make your packaging simple but professional. Simple designs and patterns can reduce the cost of your packaging boxes on a big scale. The more complex design is the more it would cost for customization. 

  • You can use plain colors like Black, Red, Green, Golden to make your packaging premium and luxury.
  • Similarly, there are coatings of Matte and Gloss that you can apply over the surface of your packages to make them remarkable.

5) Select the Appropriate Type of Box

Well, it’s a place where most people do mistakes. There are a lot of packaging types offered by boxes suppliers like Folding Cartons, Collapsible Boxes, Corrugated Trays, Full Over Lap boxes, Slide Type Boxes, and much more. Every box comes with different pricing and features. 

Don’t just look at the beautiful shape but also check that either this kind of box is suitable for your product or not. For Example, rigid boxes often comes in a form of two boxes use to pack mobile phones. So that single box would cost you equal to the cost of 2 boxes. That’s why take care of the type of box you are using to pack Christmas presents.

6) Gold Foiling

Many packaging as well as printing corporations nowadays offer different choices of foil stamping, which makes it affordable than ever. The gold color indicates luxuriousness and you can use this method to make your boxes more remarkable.

Usually, for high quantities of deliveries, the cost will increase just around 10-15% of the total manufacturing costs if you include extra solutions, like foil stamps and UV spots.

You could also make additional decorations for your Christmas 2020 packaging to boost its appeal without paying a lot of money.

7) Customize Your Packaging Internally

It would cost just 5 to 10% extra to the total cost of your Christmas gift boxes. You could customize the internal side of your boxes as well. There are several ways to design the interior part of your box and to make your receivers surprise.

  • You can add inserts to properly place your products. We recommend you use Christmas theme colors especially Red to print your inserts on merry Christmas Eve.
  • Same as you can also cover the internal part with the red and soft tissue paper to make the opening experience of your box more pleasant.
  • Similarly by adding some “thank you” notes are also economical in cost but cast a positive impact on the clients.

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Halloween has become an artistic holiday for all makeup enthusiasts in the states. Everyone is creating true Halloween looks with anything from a DIY knit look to realistic 3D makeup.

Amid this Halloween excitement, we forget about the amount of makeup and impurities our skin absorbs from the multiple layers of products. DIY makeup tutorials tell you the cheapest way to create a Halloween look and we’ll point you to a cost-effective way to go through your pre and post Halloween skincare routine.

Buy pre-Halloween makeup skincare in easy steps


The skin toner is used to minimize pores, even out tone, help the skin better absorb moisture and essential oils, and lighten acne marks.

Although Halloween makeup is not your casual look and your face will be completely indifferent in colors and products so you will not have to worry about two tones or scars, but the addition of toner in your pre-Halloween makeup care is important for its Locks in moisture and minimizes pore properties. These properties can help prevent skin damage.

Essential oils and moisture:

Halloween makeup is not a single successful attempt. To achieve the perfect look on Halloween, everyone practices the look beforehand.

For this reason, repeated cleaning and scrubbing are common. Cleaning and scrubbing are good for the skin, but doing it frequently removes moisture from our skin, leaving it dry and damaged.

While cleansing helps remove makeup from pores, hydration keeps skin looking healthy and smooth. So, while putting on makeup, you don’t have to work with dry and damaged patches.

You can also use essential oils to further pamper your skin and build healthy skin cells.

Eyelash serum:

The common use for lash serums is to increase growth and thickness to achieve prominence. However, there are several eyelash serums to strengthen and grow.

The strength your lashes will get from the serums will protect them from any damage caused by long-term use of semi-permanent lashes.

Even if your lashes don’t grow out, they should be strong before Halloween.

Lip care:

Fall is already the time of year that causes chapped lips and dry skin.

If you don’t take care of your lips before Halloween, during the party they can hurt and bleed. Rubbing and moisturizing the lips are two important things before the final Halloween look.

Nourishing your lips is important because the product stays longer on soft lips instead of capillary lips.

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Micellar water:

Micellar water is a multi-purpose product that makeup artists and dermatologists love. Micellar water works as a makeup cleanser, toner, and cleanser to unclog pores and remove oil and dirt.

The properties of micellar water are more active compared to other cleansers, yet they are gentle on the skin. Use micellar water to remove makeup and cleanse your face.

Remember that micellar water is not an alternative to washing your face with water correctly.

Moisturizing mask for face and lips

Along with the night cream, it is also important to use moisturizing masks for extra nutrition. Extra nutrition is essential due to the change in weather from fall to winter that causes dry spots on the skin that are completed by excess makeup.

Eye rest:

Halloween means the heaviest eye makeup and while your eyes support you to win the best makeup award and amazing images, after Halloween it is time for your eyes to rest from it all.

To rest your eyes you can use DIY relaxation techniques such as the use of cucumber, potato slices, soaked in milk, etc., along with eye cream to moisten the area.

Ladies and gentlemen, you still have time to pamper your skin before Halloween, which will help you get your skin back easier and faster just before the glamor of Christmas.

The products mentioned above are easily available in online cosmetic stores.


How Your Product Packaging Can Stand Out This Christmas?

It can look like there would be a lot of special things to do and not quite sufficient time to get them before Christmas Eve. People are so busy. Different people engage with different kinds of arrangements to make their Christmas day memorable. People are so busy with this celebration. This thing changes our routine habits. Similarly, everyone’s shopping ways also change the most. A traditional family in the United Kingdom invests £2,500 per month, however, this amount rises by £ 800 in December. Some statistics also say that Christmas purchasing starts at the start of August. That’s why we find different types of beautiful gifts and various products in elegant packaging boxes everywhere. 

Why Christmas Packaging Is Significant For This Event?

protective packaging

Christmas day is the largest trading boost of the year and the peak time for several companies. Christmas is a moment where packaging boxes and distribution options are their essential classification.

Buyers have comprehensive packaging and receiving lists and corporations, particularly retail industries, experience increased pressure to ensure unmatched service to their clients.

Being available to supply product and services efficiently and in a great performance to accommodate the rise in demand, provides every company a boost at that moment of the year when everybody expects the finest. Christmas gift boxes designs would help you to improve your brand showcasing experience and to attract more and more buyers to get your product due to their alluring designs.

Be Ready Before the Peak Time of Christmas Sales

Although high-street shoppers contribute to a great deal of these expenses, internet purchasing also contributes to substantial sums of cash, and it’s still rising. According to exploration, Search for The word “Christmas” on google jump to its peak level on the ending days of November, and start to grow from October. That’s why you should start to plan for your product display earlier to meet the deadlines and earn a big amount of cash on time.

Google Trends Graph of Christmas Gifts for the year 2016

Transporting and selling goods during Christmas Eve could be challenging, however, you could ensure that your goods are fully protected, presented professionally, and stand out. This all could be done with the help of professionally crafted Christmas packaging boxes. You would not have to be a bother about the customization of your packages for this Christmas 2020. You could employ it to grow your consumer base, add spark to the product display, and highlight your company!


Well, on Merry Christmas eve every brand makes its product packaging special in look. As festive designs cast the best positive impact on your customers. There are a verity of designs, Christmas printing patterns, special Christmas stamps, and much more offered by packaging suppliers. 

  • You must use Christmas day Colors like Red and Green to give your packaging an occasional touch.
  • Be simple and use professional colors like Golden and Black to give a premium Look To your design. 
  • Moreover, it’s a good combination to use black color packaging with white printing of snow.
  • You can also print Merry Christmas Images to your packages.

Add Small Christmas Tree

Well, it’s a good idea that you can add to make your Christmas gift boxes beautiful in look. You can use Pine needles that give a pleasant look of small trees of Christmas. As Green is also a main and powerful color of Christmas, these mini Christmas trees make your packaging occasional.

Use Christmas Wreath

If you don’t like to add pine needles to your packaging to wrap your Christmas presents we also have an alternative for you. You can beautifully use Mini Christmas Wreath to decorate the front side of your product packaging. 

  • This idea is simple in look and you can also print Merry Christmas or your brand logo on a paper placed between the wreaths.
  • One thing that is even more surprising is that it is inexpensive but powerful customization to make your packaging pleasant to eyes. 

Cardboard Snowman Idea For Kids

If you are selling some products for kids or if you are a bakery business and want to make your brand so much special. You can customize your packaging boxes in the design of Snowman. This strategy would surely grab the eyes of your buyers and will make your product packaging stand out on Christmas 2020. Although the structures of Custom boxes with logo are creative, these wholesale custom boxes could also be imprinted with multiple furnishing and design alternatives to distinguish all such boxes from one another & to make them stand up on their own in the market.

Mini Wintertime Scene Design

This super clever idea of packaging customization could make the value of your gift packaging double and boost your company’s sales as well.

  • You can add small decorative Christmas trees fixed with strong adhesives. 
  • Similarly, Small Santa Claus on Magic Sleigh on your Christmas boxes makes your product unique and different from others. 
  • In this way, you can make your packaging prominent in this high competition.

Snow Printing With Wooden Tape

You can print your packaging box with a snow pattern. A wooden tap instead of a ribbon can also make your box stand out this Merry Christmas Eve. You can place a wooden snowflake at the point of intersection where the vertical and horizontal wooden tape meets each other.

Christmas Ornaments

These interesting decorations can add a wow factor to any kind of your Christmas packaging and make your product packaging perfectly feasible to pack your Christmas Presents. We recommend you to use these three ornaments as they are highly demanded by our clients ordering for their Christmas 2020 packaging below;

  1. Honeycomb Ornaments
  2. Christmas Tree Made With Paper Straw
  3. Yarn Pom-Pom 


Christmas is an event where so many customers move to the market. That’s why it is a good chance for every brand either it is new or old to sell its products to a large number of customers. Same as a perfect time to get a lot of loyal clients of your brand for the upcoming year. 

  • You should always get a print of your brand logo and name on your Christmas boxes.
  • As the majority of people are brand conscious and love to buy branded and high-quality products.
  • So it’s a good way to print your brand icon to make your packaging stand out and to spread the boundaries of your business with the increase in your client base.


The thing you have to take care of is to avoid complications and customize your packaging in a way that could represent your brand even after customization. For Example in 2011 Coca-Cola particularly came under fire when it introduction 1.4 billion Coca-Cola Cans with limited-edition for the marketing of the Arctic Home campaign. As Coca-Cola diet comes in a can of white color. That’s why so many people mistakenly buy diet Coca-Cola and complain as it was the regular flavor of Coke. Due to this wrong Designing company had a big loss as they had to release an alternative design rapidly.