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Lipstick Boxes

If you are looking for the most glamorous, yet professional lipstick boxes, Fast Custom Boxes is your wisest choice. We promise the greatest precision of colors and most unique package designs while maintaining the highest standards of quality and durability. Moreover, we provide our customers with the trendiest custom printed lipstick boxes made with the most eco-friendly material.

Material Options:

Card Stock
White Corrugation
Brown Corrugation

Full Customization:

Custom Size

Custom Printing

Custom Style

Custom Sampling is Available and MOQ is 50 units per design.
For Best Price Range opt for Larger Order Quantities.

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Full Customization

( size, design )

You can change the size, style and printing by your choice.


( all states )

Free Doorstep Delivery on all orders in all States.

Fast Turnaround

( 5 – 7 days )

Introducing overnight production and delivery in 6 days.

Lowest MOQ

( 50 units )

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of just 50 Units per design.


All Custom Sizes and Shapes are Available.


CMYK, PMS, No Printing

Paper Stock

10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock


100 – 500,000


Gloss, Matt, Spot UV

Default Process

Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation


Custom Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink, PVC Sheet.


Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request)

Turnaround Time

4-6 Business Days , Rush


They are now more conscious about what they are applying on their lips. Similarly, the lipstick packages today have also changed a lot. Instead of just showing the lipstick manufacturers name, customers demand that they carry a complete list of ingredients used in the making of that lipstick. As a result, the custom lipstick packaging boxes today are not only meant to beautify the product or make it look more alluring.

They are meant to educate the buyers and help them stay ore informed. Besides, the material with which these custom printed lipstick boxes are made is another major concern. As the apprehension about environmental issues increases, people prefer to buy those consumer items which employ environment-friendly, degradable material. They tend to avoid the ones made with synthetic, non-recyclable materials.

Get the Most Sophisticated Lip stick Boxes with Fast Custom Boxes

No matter how quickly the trends change, we are always ahead of the market. With our specialized team of designers, you can be the trendsetter instead of being the trend follower in custom boxes for lipsticks. Here is why you should not look beyond Fast Custom Boxes while choosing your custom lipstick boxes wholesale partner.

A Huge Array of Box Designs to Choose from

We offer the widest range of box designs for you to select from. Our design catalog explains all the designs that have ever existed and the ones that you may not have heard of. You name any design and we can make it for you with utmost perfection. Our designing team is skilled enough to provide your custom lipstick packaging boxes with a professional look no matter which design you go for.

Get Fully Customized Box Design to Match Your Lipstick Manufacturer’s Character

If you want to give your custom printed lipstick boxes a unique look of their own, you can suggest your personalized box design. Come up with something which depicts your particular taste and the specific character of your business. Discuss the practicalities and feasibility of your suggested design with our team. They are always enthusiastic to bring your dream design to life. Besides being unique, your design will be practical enough to meet all the requirements of a perfect box. Above all, whether you select a design from our catalogue or suggest something out of it, we provide completely free design support. We do not charge anything extra for providing a box design. This helps our customers towards improving their profit margin in today’s highly competitive market.

We Ensure Highest Color Precision

While talking about custom lipstick packaging boxes specifically, one of the most crucial factors is to ensure you show the most accurate color on the box. Lipsticks are all about colors and if the box shows even the slightest difference of color from the actual product, it can create havoc for the company. We understand how imperative it is to maintain the highest precision of shades. That is the reason; we pay extra attention to detail. You can rely on us when it comes to depicting the most accurate hues. Custom lipstick boxes wholesale products are available in all shapes and sizes. Get your lip stick boxes today!

Make a Conscientious Purchase and Get Eco-Friendly Packaging

We take pride in providing our customers with the most eco-friendly products. When it comes to making wholesale lipstick boxes, we always prefer to use the material that can not only be recycled easily but also degrades quickly when discarded. Using bio-degradable material like cardboard or Kraft Paper etc. helps you develop a wider and stronger customer base as well. This is because the buyer today gives much greater importance to making a conscientious purchase and reducing the burden on the planet.

Lipsticks with an unlimited range of attractive shades are among the top-selling item in the cosmetic industry. Fast Custom Boxes as a well-known name in the box manufacturing sector make ideal lipstick boxes. We craft these packages exactly in a color that represents the shade of your lipstick. We use quality fabrication stuff to keep the standard of both your product & packaging high and parallel to each other. Our perfect custom lipstick boxes are accessible in all sizes along with unlimited artistic and ornamental features. Contact us and get free guidance to have the perfect lipstick boxes today.

Lipstick Boxes Wholesale

Everyone’s face is beautiful and all of us pay good attention to our looks and personality. In this regard, cosmetic brands provide us unlimited products with different features and functionalities. The main goal of these products is to enhance our beauty and take care of our face skin. Among these beneficial products, lipsticks are a highly used product in the cosmetic world. Either it is a teenage girl or a woman, everyone always has a set of lipsticks in their hand bags all the time. So it is so much important to pack this product in such a reliable packaging which is capable to sustain all kinds of impacts while someone carries them. In this case, our packaging boxes could be a perfect match for your expensive lipsticks. There are is an unlimited range of benefits and designing strategies of these confounding lipstick packaging that most of our clients frequently asked from us. Here we are going to give in-depth detail about all of them.


Primarily these boxes have been integrated with a truly unique illustration, shape, dimension, and style. And considerably more, that would grant your lipsticks an uplift to others in the brands. With the top-notch material properties and resources near to a portion of the highest quality in personalized printing. You could be quite certain that we have everything you need right here to ensure that the packaging of your item is superb.

Fully Secure

Believe us. Integrity and durability of confounding lipstick packaging is a big challenge face by different brands. Along with the best quality material we utilize special inserts on your demand to manufacture your custom lipstick packaging with wholesale printing more worthy and secure. Pack your product in our high-quality custom lipstick boxes and blow your worries of delivery. You can securely deliver your lipsticks to any corner of this world.

Recyclable Boxes

Kraft containers are mainly made from high-quality, environmentally friendly, and compostable stock. Even so, this characteristic makes it special and reliable for use. These custom lipstick packaging with wholesale printing can be broken down properly, and there’s no dread of putting or racking up waste in landfills.


What You Should Know Before Designing Box?

Before you begin personalizing your containers, some factors you must need to make clear:

  1. Understand The Target Client

It is vital to know who your target shoppers are. Women like premium custom lipstick boxes in dark color designs. As these boxes indicate high quality of product packed inside. On the other hand, teenage girls are often inspired by bright containers. The interest of your target audience is very significant to know. It would lead you to think by keeping yourself at the place of your clients. In this way, you could better judge that what kind of customizations would be efficient enough to inspire your patrons.

  1. Define Your Premium Custom Lipstick Boxes Identity

Your own brand identity is also the same important as the identification of your target buyers. What’s your advertisement color combination? Are you wishing to pack your lipsticks in dark & edgy templates? Are you wanting to go with classic customization? Are you hunting for luxurious themes? How you’ll like to demonstrate your lipsticks? Here we will guide you about different styles for your custom printed lipstick packaging boxes.

  1. How Your Potential Buyers Buy Your Items

It is significant to understand how your business is selling lipsticks. Either you are providing your lipsticks online with a free home delivery service or in a shop? It’s significant because it would let you decide either you have to include extra protective features in packing or need to pay more attention to your box’s appearance for ideal showcasing. If you’re facilitating your buyers with a home delivery service you should pay heed to both protection and beautification to get perfect lipstick boxes. In other cases, if you are presenting your item in a store you should pay more attention to its configuration to make it eye snatching.

  1. Use Creative Ideas

Before you initiate creating a design for your boxes you must need to make a creative template and pattern for your business. We come unlimited creative options to end up making your boxes look different from your rivals. Bring together pictures, colors, adverts and anything else you want personifies your identity. Our custom add-ons inspire your target shoppers and compel them to spend their money on buying your items.


Understand that you should select a design that is both new & trendy, but also classic and attractive so that your wholesale container’s design remains the latest for as long as practicable. Here are some trends in confounding containers that we see all over the place these days:

  1. Select The Finest Stuff & Printing Solutions

The next step is to go with the stuff and particular printing selections that you would use in and on your custom printed lipstick packaging boxes. There are many options at Fast Custom Boxes to jazz your confounding lipstick packaging. But please remember: the more complex your box, the relatively high will your expenditure. Some improvements might be required, based on your lipsticks, you could go with Digital and Offset Printing depends upon your specs and budget. Similarly, you could also select the feasible material for your containers. We offer 3 types of stuff that are cardboard, cardstock, & Eco Kraft. Each material has its specs and features.

  1. Use A Combination Of Foiling & Your Lipstick Color?

If you don’t like a single color for your high-quality custom lipstick boxes printing wholesale, we have something innovative for you. Our engineers with their experience of decades have so many different designs and templates for you. You can select our metallic foiling or go with silver or gold foiling. In this design 1/3rd part at the bottom of your confounding lipstick packaging is foiled in either rectangular or tapered shape. The remaining part of the board is printed with the selected color, designs, and information you want.

  1. Emboss Lipstick Kiss Mark On Your Packaging Board

This tip is in trend these days. You can emboss a kiss mark on your boxes. You can emboss more than one mark on a white packaging box in different colors at a time. Similarly, if you are going with dark color schemes with simple but classical designs you can emboss just one kiss mark in that color of your brand lipstick. This is new customization most of the popular brands are using these days. Furthermore, you can emboss your brand name and logo more attractively on your packaging boards. If you don’t want to go with lip marks you can emboss or even deboss simple lips on the front board of your premium custom lipstick boxes.

  1. Use Remarkable & Attractive Letterings

The striking font trend that we see around the board naturally extends to containers as well. Distinctive fonts could give a great deal of character to your premium custom lipstick boxes. Typography is an ideal way to represent who you are as a company, and it could be only the way to set you away from the audience. If it holds a groovy feel, a forceful statement, or an offbeat style, a distinctive font is confident to hang to consumers’ thoughts.

  1. Best Colors To Customize Lipstick Boxes

Most of the big brands like Charlotte Tilbury use brown color boxes. As this color is always in trends either it is summer or winter. Another reason, why this brand is using brown color boxes is that they are selling lipsticks mostly in brown shades. So their theme color is brown. You can also use black or white color with an image of female lips in that particular color of your brand lipstick. Most people also use light colors and shades of grey for lipstick packaging in winter. On the other hand, dark colors are mostly used in winter.

  1. Prominent, Breath-Taking Outlines

With prominent stripes and wild shades, the stunning pattern concept will end up crafting custom lipstick packaging with wholesale printing displayed on the racks. Well-positioned, eye-snatching creative concepts make your custom printed lipstick packaging boxes pop and provide your item an exceptional, youthful appearance that defines you among your competitors. Particularly custom variations are a recurring trend that could offer your boxes a definite edge.

  1. Beautify Your Boxes With Intricate Line Drawings

These Intricate drawings incorporating fantastic lines and a huge amount of specifics are an iconic trend for high-quality custom lipstick boxes printing wholesale. Especially floral and handcrafted drawings perform excellently, either skillfully displayed in selected areas or containing the entire lipstick box surface.

If you’re looking for anything less ladylike and only wish something stylish and informative, a more geometrical, clean, and awesome drawing-style might be perfect for your confounding lipstick packaging boxes. This concept is fantastic for you if your business has an eye for elegantly print details or if you’re staring for a dramatic yet gorgeous way to show what type of lipstick is inside your containers by drawing the lipstick you’re using.

Order Placement Procedure At Fast Custom Boxes

At Fast Custom Boxes, our mission is to make orders as simple as we can. You just have to go with a few simple steps to order your perfect lipstick boxes. In these steps below we are briefing you on the procedure of placement of an order at Fast Custom Boxes.



  1. Evaluate & Approve Your 3D Design

After getting all the data from our clients, we forward your file to our designing department. There you can modify your design with our designers and they will present you with the final 3D model of your packaging box. At the end of this demonstration, we mail you the bill for your number of boxes you want to manufacture. After your approval, we send this design to our packaging manufacturing department.

  1. Receive The Boxes At Your Doorstep In 4 Days

We work in 3 shifts to manage the workload and deliver your boxes on time to your door. Once our engineers make your boxes, we evaluate their durability, printing quality, and size through a series of testing phases. So we deliver our best High-Quality Custom Lipstick Boxes Printing Wholesale to your location.

If you hail from the United States or Canada, we have a good deal for you. You could get these boxes without paying delivery charges. Usually, you have to wait for 6-8 working days to get your order. But if you’ll subscribe to our quick delivery service, you can get them just in 3-4 days. You can call us at (+1) 540 860 0212 or connect with us at for further details.


(+1) 540 860 0212


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Quality At Its Best

Custom Lipstick Boxes

With increased awareness among the customers, about ethical or unethical, organic, or inorganic makeup products, the cosmetic industry has undergone a revolutionary change. These recently changing trends have impacted not only the products themselves but also the way they are presented and packaged. One of the most obvious changes is observed in the lipsticks among other cosmetics. Gone are the days when the customers would buy anything just because it looked cool.



  • Sample Kit would contain samples from our previously completed orders. 
  • Custom Printed Samples are also available on demand (price varies).

Let Attractive Packaging Trends Fascinate You

If you want to win the race among big brands to expand their client cycle. There is no best way other than selecting trendy packaging boxes which can fascinate your intended audience. In this regard, the first thing you should do is to hunt for those designs which are the latest and in-demand these days. You can avoid wrong selection by analyzing the custom lipstick packaging boxes used by famous brands. That what designing techniques they are using these days to attract their buyers. How they are boosting their sales by elegantly displaying their attention-grabbing custom template boxes.

Ideal In Attention-Grabbing

These custom printed lipstick packaging boxes are made to wow your shoppers. You can print these boxes with golden or silver foiling to give them a luxurious feel. These premium custom lipstick boxes are premium enough to encourage your buyers to take a picture with these boxes and post them online. In this regard, its attention-grabbing looks inspire more and more people and expand your buyer cycle every single day. It is recommended to use a dark color combination along with your lipstick shade. As dark colors are mostly taken by big lipstick brands to present their product as ideal in quality.

Submit Your Dream Box Design

The very first thing is to submit your particular design. In this step, you have to research online for different brands using lipstick boxes to escalate their brand sales & reputation. If you don’t have any design or template, you contact our designers. They would be pleased to serve you with their packaging designing experience of decades.

Select Your Packaging Dimensions

Packaging dimensions should be accurate so that your lipstick could be pack tightly in your custom boxes. In this regard, you must submit us your lipstick shape and dimensions. So we can come up with the perfect size of packaging boxes for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used for custom lipstick boxes?

Our custom lipstick boxes are typically made from high-quality, eco-friendly cardboard or paperboard, ensuring durability and protection for your lipstick products.

Can I get custom sizes and designs for lipstick boxes?

Absolutely! We offer customizable sizes and designs to perfectly fit your lipstick products and reflect your brand’s unique identity and style.

What printing options are available for lipstick boxes?

We provide a variety of printing options, including offset and digital printing, with finishes like matte, gloss, embossing, and foil stamping to enhance the visual appeal of your boxes and attract customers.

Are the lipstick boxes suitable for various types of lipsticks?

Yes, our custom lipstick boxes are versatile and can accommodate various types of lipsticks, including traditional bullet lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, and lip balms, ensuring they remain secure and well-presented.

Can I include custom inserts or partitions in the lipstick boxes?

Absolutely! We offer customization options to include inserts or partitions that securely hold and display your lipsticks, preventing them from moving or getting damaged during transport.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom lipstick boxes?

The minimum order quantity typically starts at 500 units. However, we can discuss specific details based on your unique requirements and preferences.

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