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Delivery Information

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Delivery Information

At Fast Custom Boxes, we are as enthusiastic about your luxurious customized boxes as you yourself are. We cannot wait to see you hit the market with your beautifully packaged product and setting new standards of professionalism. So, we make sure, our customers don’t have to wait long.

Our Turnaround Time

A compelling majority of the orders we receive are completed and delivered within a week’s time. Our starting from the order placement to production to the delivery, our average turnaround time is 2 to 8 days. You get the highest quality and that too in the shortest time. Besides speedy delivery, we offer free global shipping irrespective of order size and destination. This means, we pay the delivery charges on your behalf. It has a tremendous impact on your final retail price. You get a greater profit margin and still can compete on the price front with your competitors. Our customers are always speaking high about our delay free fast delivery and it is because of this professional attitude that we boast about our 97.9% success rate. 

Unforeseen Circumstances

Although, under normal circumstances, we never delay the delivery process, however there might arise some circumstances where timely delivery is not always possible. When the circumstances are unforeseen and beyond our control, you may have to wait longer for your orders to be delivered. For example, in case of technical issues, global problems, weather issues etc. Fast custom Boxes cannot and will not take the responsibility of delays. Under such circumstances we make sure the rush charges and refunded but the orders cannot be cancelled due to unexpected circumstances. We always try our best to print and ship the orders as soon as possible. 

Delays Due to COVID-19

Just as every other industry in the world is affected by this pandemic, packaging industry is no exception. Even during this tough time, we are trying to maintain our standards of fast and free delivery, but obviously, safety comes first. Moreover, due to lockdowns we are unable to reach a number of locations. Besides, due to the suspension of innumerable cargo flights globally, Fast Custom Boxes is unable to meet the deadlines and the deliveries are delayed. In such circumstances, despite our utmost efforts, it is beyond our capability to deliver in time. We hope expect from our customers to be understanding towards these uncontrollable circumstances and be patient until the conditions start getting better. 

Refund and Replacement Policy

Although, we are always striving to maintain clean delivery where the packages are protected against any damage, if it does happen that the rough handling or an accident etc. causes the packages to get damaged, we have clear rules about replacement or refund. If you find your packages damaged, you must notify Fast Custom Boxes within the 3 days after being delivered. Moreover, if you want to claim a refund or replacement, at least 99% of delivered packages should reach Fast Custom Boxes within 10 days after delivery. Otherwise, the claim will not be entertained. If, after inspection we find out that a replacement should be provided and it was a mishap on our side, we will provide the replacement free of any additional charges. 

Besides, it is upon the customer to carefully examine the packages before they accept the parcel. They should carefully look for any damaged, lost or missing products at the time they are delivered. If we acknowledge a mistake done by us, we will reprint the order or grant a partial refund. The refund amount would be released after deduction of the shipping cost involved in the process. 

Contact Information

In case you need to contact Fast Custom Boxes to report any damage or loss of products or the delayed delivery, you can contact us in following ways. Moreover, you can also confirm the status of your shipment through this contact information and we will try to respond promptly.

For a Visit:

21 North Broad Street Suite
E#10043 Luray, VA 22835, USA.

Call Us;

+1 (540) 860 0663

Email Us;

Besides, you can always reach us through the live chat on our website.