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Hair Oil Boxes

Want to make your hair oils noticeable among your target audience in the market? Just pick up your phone and order an eye-grabbing hair oil printed boxes according to all your requirements, at Fast Custom Boxes. Packaging has a significant value in the marketing of your product.

We not only offer custom printed hair oil packaging boxes with the finest customization but also durable enough to preserve your oils from all types of environmental and temperature effects. We are here to attract your customers towards your hair oils with our captivating packages and then after buying, safely transfer your product to the home of your clients without any kind of leakage or damage to hair oil bottles.

To get all details about the printing techniques, designing features, manufacturing materials, and all the other services of Fast Custom Boxes you can head on to our description below:




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We offer a vast range of Customization Options including Embossing, Debossing, Foiling, Hot Stamping, Window Cutting, Inserts & more. Every box is completely customizable.

Additional information


All Custom Sizes and Shapes are Available.


CMYK, PMS, No Printing

Paper Stock

10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock


100 – 500,000


Gloss, Matt, Spot UV

Default Process

Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation


Custom Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink, PVC Sheet.


Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request)

Turnaround Time

4-6 Business Days , Rush

Custom Printed Hair Oil Packages:

The main purpose to personalize the custom hair oil boxes wholesale is to attract potential buyers to a big scale towards your hair oils. This strategy is a backbone in the field of marketing and advertisement, which can easily boost up the sales of your corporation.

  • We design your custom printed hair oil boxes with clear and prominent printing along with the perfect color schemes.
  • We design your custom hair oil packaging boxes in all your required shapes, sizes, and dimensions.
  • These packages are fine enough to tell the viewers about the quality of oils packed inside them in the form of their top-notch design and best quality.
  • We can customize your hair oil printed packages in some specific colors according to your brand to make your company a prominent identity all across the globe.

Fast Custom Boxes is a well-known and highly recommended company in the field of wholesale hair oil boxes customization and manufacturing, and these below services make us beloved to our honorable clients.

Eco-Friendly Kraft Packaging:

Fast Custom Boxes contributes to keeping our world green by using biodegradable materials for the manufacturing process to minimize pollution in our beautiful world.

  • The planet today is in a pitiful condition. Industries’ toxic and lethal pollution has had detrimental consequences on the lifestyle of people.
  • This environmental waste emissions and products now greatly reduce the ozone layer nearly every day. So we suggest our customers use recyclable materials for their wholesale hair oil boxes.

Remarkable Finishing Features:

All the big manufacturers of hair oil products are always in search of the best packaging solutions to give the best look to their product, on the shelves of stores in front of their buyers. For this purpose, we provide you our wide range of remarkable customization features that can first catch the eyes of the buyers on your custom printed hair oil packaging boxes among your competitors.

Our unique designing features like Embossing, Debossing, Ribbons, Windows, Matt, Gloss, Bows, Laminations, Gold Foiling, Silver Foiling, and much more are capable enough to engage your buyers to give them a positive message about the oils you are providing them in these packages. By adding all these finishing options can make your business capable enough to be at a high rank.

Show Us Your Creativity in Our Self Customization Service:

We provide you an infinite range of personalization functionalities and a lot of application options to customize your hair oil packages according to your own desires. You just have to select our designing options, templates, designs, colors, and images of your choice in our online service.

  • We will come with a 3D model of your custom hair oil packaging boxes by keeping your selections under consideration.
  • If you don’t have any idea about the design of your packaging than you don’t need to worry about it! We have a solution to every problem.
  • We provide you with highly expert graphic designers and marketing experts. They feel glad to give you the best latest suggestions about the designing of your custom hair oil packaging boxes according to the trend and demand in the market.

Remarkable Finishing Features:

All the big manufacturers of hair oil products are always in search of the best packaging solutions to give the best look to their product, on the shelves of stores in front of their buyers. For this purpose, we provide you our wide range of remarkable customization features that can first catch the eyes of the buyers on your hair oil packaging boxes among your competitors.

Our unique designing features like Embossing, Debossing, Ribbons, Windows, Matt, Gloss, Bows, Laminations, Gold Foiling, Silver Foiling, and much more are capable enough to engage your buyer.

  • These features give them a positive message about the oils you are providing them in these packages.
  • By adding all these finishing options can make your business capable enough to be at a high rank.

Durable Boxes Specially Designed For Shipment:

You will not have to fear about the security and stability during distribution and shipment, after putting your hair oils in our durable boxes, made up of best quality cardboard and corrugated materials that our clients can select according to their requirements.

  • Our team’s primary concern is to supply you with incredibly durable custom hair oil printed boxes.

Supreme Printing Technologies:

At Fast Custom Boxes, we guarantee matchless printing for your Custom Hair Oil Packaging Boxes with our latest Offset, Digital, and Flexography printing presses.

Delivery Services Of Fast Custom Boxes:

We know the significance of your time as in this world time is money. To save your time our experts in the manufacturing department always work hard to make your boxes not just unique in look but also to manufacture them as soon as possible.

Here at Fast Custom Boxes deliver your box in between 7 to 12 business days, and for this reason, we try our level best to provide you these custom hair oil packages to your doorstep before the time we committed.

Get Your Box To Your Destination without any Delivery Cost:

Fast Custom Boxes is a popular business that supports the customers to an intense stage. Then why do we bill them in the sense of charging our business for these custom hair oil packages we bring to them.

“These custom hair oil boxes wholesale of our respected clients are delivered absolutely free of price accessible at their home in the USA & Canada.”

  • For those consumers in other regions, our transportation cost is also the minimum in the industry.
  • But just our regular orders will get our free postage worldwide.

Rush Delivery In 6 Days:

  • When anyone is in an immediate situation and can’t wait 12 days for getting his Custom Printed hair oil packages, it’s no matter to be worried about now.
  • Fast custom boxes provide rush delivery services that take your wholesale custom hair oil boxes in your hands in six workdays.
  • Our rush delivery prices are massively cheaper than many other firms’.

Healthy Connection And a Long-Lasting Relation:

We provide a 24/7 available conversation room with trained experts to comment on your questions for the design of custom printed hair oil boxes and packages.

“We trust in a long, healthy connection.”

  • This trained client support department answers all the questions in order to resolve all your issues satisfactorily.

Benefits Of Using Light Hair Oil Packaging Boxes:

These containers are usually made of paperboard by Fast Custom boxes. The price of these custom printed hair oil boxes rise as a consequence of using this stuff. You can make the attractive hair oil boxes a little thinner as well as lightweight by changing the thickness of boards.

  • It would have little impact on the total reliability of your package.
  • By reducing the thickness of the packaging stuff in a certain amount, the consistency and intensity will remain the same.
  • These hair oil bottles boxes would be able to withstand all types of external influences.
  • By doing so, you will save money if you’re buying a large quantity or a small number of custom printed paper hair oil boxes.

Adjust the width based on how much of a protection aspect you choose to add to the item’s containers. The smaller the cost of making a box will be, the smaller the thickness of its boards is.

Upsides of Purchasing wholesale Boxes:

A bulk order of hair oil packaging boxes is the perfect option for you when you’re a newcomer with a new company. Almost all of the record companies give their customers a special deal if they buy bulk packages on a yearly basis.

  • Price discounts are limited for small purchases.
  • Buying a large quantity of personalized hair oil boxes has a beneficial effect on the retailer.

Fast Custom Boxes offer you exclusive promotions and a range of other bonus features to establish a long alliance with your brand. So, to get long-term savings, schedule the final spending and purchase wholesale custom printed hair oil boxes from us.

Use Box Styles That Are Simple yet Iconic:

The second suggestion for lowering the cost of attractive hair oil boxes is to use a simple design. If you want more complicated designs, we would have to put in more work and time. In the end, the rates are somewhat greater than the average. For your hair oil bottles boxes, you can choose from a variety of less expensive and basic yet appealing styles. You may choose from a variety of easy and appealing styles for your items.

  • Basic templates are simple to put together.
  • Excellent consumer service.
  • The design is exclusive and eye-catching, with the most significant aspect being low pricing.

When you have a huge number of products to pack and need to use custom hair oil printing boxes. You don’t have to pick simple designs for each one. You could, however, mix and match certain basic and complicated designs and patterns for them. Simple formats won’t lower your interactions, but they will lower your packaging costs.

Conduct Comprehensive Analysis:

In today’s global marketplace, almost all businesses strive to incorporate the latest fashionable and appealing designs into their custom printed paper hair oil boxes. You will do this by going to the supermarket(s) and observing what makes the rivals hair oil packaging boxes visually appealing.

  • It will show you how your product packaging will appear on shelves.
  • Compare the hook models of different brands.
  • Use the Search engine to help you identify popular templates for custom printed cardboard hair oil boxes in your niche.

Fast Custom Boxes will also support you with visual artists to accompany you in choosing and integrating the most recent features into your custom printed hair oil boxes. By doing this analysis, you would be able to elevate the concept to the next step.

Suggestions & Evaluating:

Don’t depend solely on one layout. Using a specific template for a product is not a good idea. Many people make the same error by submitting their concept without doing adequate research. Based on their own viewpoints, they think the design is fine. They believe that everybody else would like the package style as well. It’s incorrect!

For your hair oil bottle boxes, you must create at least 6 designs. After that, choose the most appealing and attention-grabbing style among them. Seek advice from family and friends in the form of recommendations. They’re still the customers, so bear that in mind.

Don’t assume that only because you like a style, others would as well. A thorough survey and research will help you determine which style is the most common with viewers.

Take Good Care Of Your Packaging Size:

It’s also a smart idea to have the shape and scale of your product in mind while creating your personalized hair oil boxes. When you’re determining the measurements of your product in your account, start with the scale of your item.

  • If your shipping item has a tight box, make sure your package isn’t quite so tight.
  • Every section should have a 1/16 margin.

Your Packaging Design Must Be Interactive:

The layout of the attractive hair oil boxes must be engaging and applicable to the hair oils you are showing if you’d like a prospective customer to appeal to it. Although becoming innovative with the design descriptions of the hair oil bottles boxes could make it enticing, you must ensure that buyers shopping for hair oils and tinctures appreciate the attributes of packaged items from looking at the boxes.

Using photographs, color combinations, and text descriptions that all work together to compliment the packaged oil bottle. If your hair oils have a distinctive name, make sure it’s prominently displayed in a legible font format. Using pictures rather than phrases to express the items’ ideas, since a visual would do it more easily.

Specify Your Size Requirements:

It’s important to choose the best package size for hair oils if you want to ensure their protection and care. A package that is too large for the liquid bottle is unnecessary.

  • Inform the printer about the hair oil bottle’s size specifications.
  • It must be packaged in the best possible way.
  • For a 1ml hair oil, for example, the hair oil packaging boxes must be tailored accordingly.

Its scale is an important factor in being able to comfortably hand over and distribute oil bottles. In the situation that you are unsure, you should get guidance from us.

Selecting a Printing Material of Your Choice:

If you’re unfamiliar with printing, educate yourself with the most widely utilized products for a supermarket as well as other purposes. It would make it easy for you to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of various printing materials. The most common stock choices are cardstock with Kraft. Cardstock is an option if you want full-color printing.

This methodology can give your hair oil bottles boxes a unique charm and dexterity. Kraft custom box is an excellent alternative if you choose to use an environmentally sustainable material. This stuff may be used to create a full-printed casket. If you like to know what else is out there, research other fabrics.

Design Must Appeal To a Wide Range of People:

Custom printed paper hair oil boxes come in a variety of packaging types. When developing the package template for hair oils, keep the features of label presentation and customer convenience in mind.

Shoppers like showcases that are simple to open, shut, and transport. Simple tuck, as well as other types of custom printed hair oil boxes, may be used to make an object convenient to use for consumers. Consult Fast Custom Boxes service provider for guidance and support if you choose to carry out die-cut designs.

How To Boldly Print Oils Details On Boxes?

Before purchasing a hair oil, consumers want to examine all of its features and composition. They want to know whether it’s acceptable to use the oil, particularly if anyone has a medical problem. On the custom hair oil printing boxes, you must have all relevant information about the commodity you re pitching.

Make sure you don’t forget any crucial details that might benefit a customer. These details and benefits you display attractively decide either your brand product is worthy or not for your buyer.

Marketing Style Custom Hair Oil Boxes:

If you decide to accomplish your promotional objectives, attractive hair oil boxes can be used effectively to make your brand identity memorable to a larger target audience. Display the icon, a cheerful slogan, and contact details on the hair oil packaging boxes.

  • It would give you more clients.
  • If they are pleased with the value of your hair oils, they would be willing to recommend your company to others.

Be sure you’re not using typical advertisement strategies on the custom printed hair oil boxes design to entice customers and increase sales since this can tarnish the company’s reputation.

Customized Themes Make Your Oils Worth Buying:

You could use our special themes of personalized hair oil boxes to make the brand more appealing to prospective customers. If you have hair oil bottles that were produced with a seasoning blend, you could illustrate this on the custom printed cardboard hair oil boxes to stimulate interest in the product.

Customers are likely in finding hair oils that have more advantages than comparable products on the market. They would be more likely to purchase the more effective hair oil; you could provide your products and an enticing sneak peek via the customize cover.

Innovate Your Buyer’s Experience:

Buyers would prefer a company and its products if the packaging allows the buying process pleasant for them. People can enjoy searching for hair oils if you use our special custom printed paper hair oil boxes to pack them.

Please use themed packages to get shoppers interested in your hair oil products. They’ll be curious to find out what’s inside such a unique box. You may use an interesting text or graphic style for the custom hair oil printing boxes depending on the specific audience’s tastes and likings to make them difficult to overlook for the customers.

Make Hair Oils Usage Simpler:

If you prefer to start making the hair oils must-have essentials, select custom printed hair oil boxes to make them easier to use. This can be achieved by packaging the items in specially printed containers that are easy to manage and have detailed guidance for how to use the hair oil effectively. You should get diagrams displayed on the packaging that illustrate how to use your hair oils. For effective customer experience, clarify the frequency of use and other important user issues by hair oil packaging boxes.

Increase the Relative Worth of Branded Products:

Adding interest to your hair oils by their presentation isn’t a new phenomenon, but it must be done thoughtfully and subtly. Customers should have the justification to buy their hair oils based on the custom printed paper hair oil boxes. You must have compelling facts about your product and services written in large, bold letters with minimal text.

Please ensure the specifications don’t seem to be a marketing stunt since this would certainly make potential customers aware of and suspicious of your product. The data should be accurate and understandable.


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