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Essential Oil Boxes

Now a day all the big brands of essential oils are trying their level best to use all strategies so that they can make their products the most selling items of the year. Becoming the bestseller cannot be done with using proper branding that also includes custom essential oil boxes.

Similarly, if you want to raise the standard of your organization and take your company to the extreme level of success, we are here to serve you with our best customization strategies to personalize the packaging of your essential oil bottles.

At Fast Custom Boxes we provide you multiple features of customization that you can select according to all the specifications of your firm. Here you can get your essential oil bottle boxes in all shapes, sizes, and dimensions.




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We offer a vast range of Customization Options including Embossing, Debossing, Foiling, Hot Stamping, Window Cutting, Inserts & more. Every box is completely customizable.

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All Custom Sizes and Shapes are Available.


CMYK, PMS, No Printing

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100 – 500,000


Gloss, Matt, Spot UV

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Custom Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink, PVC Sheet.


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Wholesale Essential Oil Custom Boxes:

Here at Fast Custom Boxes, we provide you Custom printed essential oil packaging Boxes uniquely designed to pack a single bottle or a group of bottles together in an organized way. These packages are a nice choice to display your essential oils in an alluring way on the shelves of the market.

  • We also make the name of your company prominent and noticeable, among your target audience by printing your logo with the name of your brand in a prominent way.
  • You can get a lot of themes and relevant images painted on your custom essential oil boxes to grab the attention of your customers.
  • These uniquely customized essential oil wholesale boxes speak themselves about the quality of your oils wrapped inside them.

The Safety Of Your Product Is Our First Responsibility:

Fast Custom Boxes is a well-known boxes manufacturing company with the experience of more than 10 years All around The USA.

We know quite well about all the packaging problems, which your company face during the transportation of your product.

Essential oils are mostly delivered in some brittle glass or plastic bottles.

If we ignore the factor of durability in the packaging of these sensitive bottles, then it will cause leakage of the essential oils.

By keeping all these issues into consideration our expert designers provide you custom essential oil packaging boxes manufactured with highly durable cardboard and corrugated materials.

Get High-Quality Essential Oil Boxes At An Affordable Price:

As it is stated above that we bring customized essential oil wholesale boxes to your doorstep without compromising on its quality. It is our common observation that all of us have to pay a little bit more to get extraordinary packaging, but here at Fast Custom Boxes, you do not need to worry about high payments

  • It is the main part of our policies to facilitate our beloved clients with our extreme limits. In the past, it was a challenge to provide boxes with the best printing, eye-catching designs, and a wide range of colors to make those boxes good looking in front of their buyers in the low rates.
  • But now it’s not just a dream as our latest technologies and highly expert engineers at Fast Custom Boxes can provide you finely decorated custom printed essential oil boxes at a minimum possible price without losing the quality.

Multiple Stages Of Testing:

  • The use of the best quality material for our custom essential oil packaging boxes is our primary objective in the manufacturing process.
  • In addition, our business ensures the durability and reliability of our packaging products through a number of evaluation phases.

Delivery To Your Location:

Due to the least transfer time of Fast Custom Boxes, we’ve earned greetings all across the globe.

  • On-time delivery is the core element of our business. The guaranteed delivery time is 6 to 12 consecutive days.
  • Although it’s our main objective to distribute the custom essential oil boxes to our customers before its time we guaranteed.

Save The Globe From Environmental Pollution:

“Fast Custom Boxes is a pioneer in reducing land contamination by the use of 100% compostable printing and packaging materials.”

Since we all understand, nowadays our planet is in a terrible state. Poisonous and dangerous land-based pollution has a highly dangerous effect on the human body. The chemical contamination and toxic products now damage the upper atmosphere daily.

  • Our organization insists that we should make every attempt that can preserve our land from pollution.
  • In these current circumstances, we should take all possible steps to keep our world free of contamination.
  • This is why our organization actively supports our consumers and suggests that they provide environmentally friendly packaging for their custom packaging essential oil boxes.
  • We use reusable resources to assemble our boxes, which demonstrates that we could manufacture top quality boxes packaging instead of using toxic, hazardous components.

Free To Your Delivery Point:

We always provide our clients with our highly customer-friendly policies and standard customizations as a well-known company.

“We do not ask our customers for any additional payment of delivery that they have to pay us after obtaining their packages. Our company brings custom essential oil bottle packaging to our customers’ doorstep and they could get them without paying for delivery throughout the U.S. and Canada.”

We also facilitate our customers, who do not come from those regions with our least rates of shipping than other companies, not just for these two countries.

  • Whereas our free delivery facility is only valid for our standard orders.
  • If our customers don’t have much time to wait six days or more, we can provide them with a fast delivery alternative in which we promise that we will get your product to your door within 4 to 6 working days.
  • Moreover, shipping rates are less than those offered by other companies for Fast Delivery Options.

Call Us To Get Your Elegantly Customized Essential Beard Oil Boxes:

  • Our first objective is to make it easier to have an elegant packaging for our customers with every possible approach.
  • Our site offers you highly skilled call officers.
  • They are all here 24/7 to help visitors with the best answers to their custom essential oil bottle packaging questions.

So what are you waiting for, just pick up your phone and call us on our toll-free number (+1) 540 860 0212 and place your order for Custom Printed Essential Oil Packaging Boxes today. You can also visit us at

A condensed lipophilic material comprising a soluble (quickly disappeared at ordinary temp) compound extracted from plantations is defined as an essential oil. These oils are also described as liquid oils or ethereal oils obtained from either the herb, like aloe vera. This oil is “necessary” in the context that it provides the “spirit of” the tree’s scent, or the scent of the herb from where it was extracted.

Firstly the word “essential” in this context doesn’t mean “vital” or “useable” by the individual organs as in the case of essential proteins and essential fats that are named since they are nutrient needed by a life form. Because of their natural composition all those companies which take part in their manufacturing strongly take care of their personalized essential oil boxes. So they can make their oils secure from external factors while displaying them on showcasing or transportation.

How Essential Oils Are Distilled?

Distillation is the most popular method for extracting essential oils and is mostly done with steam. Speech, solvent evaporation, complete oil drilling, wax incorporating, and cool pressing are some of the other methods. They’re packed in exclusive looking essential oil boxes and mainly utilized in face creams, candles, shampoos, as well as other items like beverages flavoring, incense, and hygiene supplies.

Essential oils must not be associated with perfumes, fragrances, or other similar products, as the latter typically contain natural chemical elements, while essential oils are extracted from plants. Those products that are chemically made in laboratories are usually capable enough to endure their benefits. But essential oils are made of pure and natural products. That’s why Fast Custom provides its customers with specially personalized essential oil boxes that perfectly match the packaging standards of their essential oils.

In this session, we are going to deal with every single feature that can facilitate you in our custom printed cardboard essential oil boxes. So you could get a piece of detailed information about this product before making a decision to buy from us.

What Are Custom Printed Essential Oil Boxes?

If you’re making and trading essential oils in retail, you can get essential oil wholesale boxes to package your product. To promote these oils in the marketplace, appropriate packaging is needed. As a result, buying custom printed essential oil boxes in bulk from packaging firms is preferable.

These boxes are manufactured by a large variety of firms. Since there’re so many manufacturers making these kinds of boxes for the clients, these businesses use the highest quality materials and the most up-to-date equipment to make essential oil bottles boxes. Furthermore, they employ qualified employees to supply, develop, and print designs in accordance with the needs and requests of the organization.

There are several different styles of these boxes, which are addressed in-depth further down. Whatever we are making or going to sell, we should store our goods in the appropriate packaging. We must also address packaging firms in order to obtain appropriate custom boxes for our items.

Advantages Of Essential Oil Wholesale Boxes:

Each day, companies all over the globe produce creative goods that aim to transform the way people work, interact, and dress. Same as essential oil businesses invest millions of dollars selling their brand product through different channels in order to attract potential buyers and increase revenue every year.

Companies selling products in plain white or brown packaging are losing out on a chance to expand both their industry as well as their client base in this dynamic environment. Your company will benefit from exclusive looking essential oil boxes in a number of ways. Here are a few examples:

Advertisement Of A Company:

The title of the company, your emblem, your message, as well as some specific information that you need to tell your shoppers could be printed elegantly on custom printed essential oil boxes. Shoppers will be more knowledgeable of your products and offerings if you use personalized essential oil boxes to advertise your essential oils.

Whenever your client gets their essential oils after a home delivery, a custom box can assist to build an unforgettable experience. This would improve the reputation of the company and perhaps maximize wages.

Make Yourself Unique Among Your Rivals:

The development and advancement of essential oil services and packaging are intended to transform the future has ushered in the twenty-first century, where there is no lack of rivalry. Irrespective of the standard and consistency of your oils, their custom printed cardboard essential oil boxes could have a huge impact on how it is seen by other companies.

Essential oil bottles boxes will help the new brands to gain far more share of the market.

Why You Should Use Custom Printed Cardboard Essential Oil Boxes For Your Brand?

If you’re unfamiliar with cardboard containers, you may believe they’re all the same. That is obviously not the truth and we are here to inform you so. These boxes vary from standard boxes in such a way that they are made using a special technique.

For more than a millennium, corrugated stuff is the go-to choice for a broad spectrum of products all around the globe. But thanks to Albert Jones of NY, who introduced cardboard boxes to the world. These essential oil wholesale boxes are very lightweight and sturdy, and they could be shaped to virtually any form for fully customizable packaging.

Sturdiness and Endurance:

For handling and distribution, these exclusive looking essential oil boxes are a solid option. They’re tough boxes that can withstand more cracking, breaking, and shattering than almost any form of boxes on the marketplace. If you ship an object in these durable boxes to some other portion of the state, you could be satisfied that this would reach unharmed.

Immune to Moisture and Water:

Cardboard custom printed essential oil boxes manufacturing has progressed significantly over time. Many varieties of cardboard are currently becoming covered with water-resistant lamination to provide still more security.

Storing Is Convenient:

Our beautifully personalized essential oil boxes are the best option to stock in large quantities since they wear down as well as foldable, allowing them to be placed in a compact room. 

Special Features:

In order to reduce costs, many companies want to use less expensive essential oil boxes. But considering the price of defective essential oil bottles resulting from a poor packaging solution, the price of sturdy, robust, and exclusive looking essential oil boxes is more acceptable.

Least Environmental Impact:

This is among of the few environmentally friendly fabrics. When contrasted to other essential oil bottle boxes the production results in a 60 percent decrease in Carbon dioxide and fuel pollution.

100% Biodegradable & Renewable:

It’s fully compostable and renewable. In a span of 1 year, custom therapeutic essential oil packaging boxes deteriorate fully. Since it is primarily composed of polymers, its decay period is short, and if it is subjected to suitable environmental situations such as a humid climate, decay speeds up even further.

Reduces Waste Generation:

Reduces the amount of waste generated. Decrease, recycle and repurpose that’s the means of avoiding excessive carton use.

Doesn’t Lose Durability:

Compostable cardboard retains its strength and longevity. Corrugated cardboard retains its consistency and characteristics after processing and is, therefore, more cost-effective.

Save Energy:

We can conserve energy by utilizing wholesale essential oil packaging boxes, which can then be employed to pack our essential oil bottles. They are made with 90 percent lesser water as well as 50 percent lesser energy.

Extremely Adaptable:

There are several characteristics that distinguish these affordable custom essential oil boxes from other packing boxes. These personalized essential oil boxes are very versatile. They could quickly be formed to any design or scale, painted, sealed, or stapled in every manner.

These custom printed essential oil boxes have a plethora of applications. Since they could be tailored or shaped to any dimension, designers can create one-of-a-kind packaging boxes that fully enclose the essential oils.

Pack Any Size Of Essential Oil Bottles:

Custom therapeutic essential oil packaging boxes made of cardboard make great packing solutions. They could hold a variety of delicate glass bottles with different sizes including 5oz, 10oz, 30oz and so more. There’s no restriction on what kind of bottle you will package because they could be tailored to any dimension or form.

This is why many companies choose essential oil wholesale boxes as they have more choices for their packing.

Light In Weight:

In cases at which box’s weight is assessed with commodities being shipped over broad ranges lightweight and compact wholesale essential oil packaging boxes are much favored. These boxes would be more useful to the company owner under those circumstances. These personalized essential oil boxes aren’t particularly heavy. It’s more accurate to assume that their mass does not affect them as they move on the meter.

This function remains the same regardless of the width of the materials used to customize your packing boxes. They are, moreover very convenient to carry and move from one location to the next due to their lightweight.

Protection Capabilities:

These affordable custom essential oil boxes would be a better match if you’re searching for packing boxes that could guarantee the essential oil bottles’ optimum protection. Custom printed cardboard essential oil boxes aim to provide a complete cover for items.

They save the boxed bottles from slamming into each other. They do, however, guarantee that the goods are fully safe from jackasses, shakes, and impact.

Accessibility of Packaging Materials:

Either you select cardboard, corrugated, or eco-Kraft, all types of stuff are commonly accessible, in addition to many of the other special characteristics of these custom therapeutic essential oil packaging boxes. They come in a variety of styles and forms, including 1 wall, 2 walls, and so forth. You could, therefore, get any model you like.

Convenient To Mount Onto A Vehicle:

Cardboard boxes come in a variety of styles, measurements, and forms, and they could be easily loaded onto a truck or unloaded and stored everywhere. They can also be conveniently stacked. There are so many disadvantages that you might face if you are going with some kind of robust and massive boxes that can’t be easily mounted on vehicles.

Such kinds of boxes require some extra labor force to safely handle essential oil bottles packed inside these essential oil wholesale boxes. It would lead you to pay some extra amount to your delivery department. Which is not a good thing for your essential oil company. 

Cost-Effective Essential Oil Bottles Packaging Boxes:

One of the main factors that deter many companies from selecting the appropriate custom therapeutic essential oil packaging boxes to pack their essential oil bottles is their cost. Some people are also worried about the printing costs of their containers, which could be very large in some situations. They are less expensive than most shipping boxes, such as cardboard boxes. There are so many ways that could save your money if you go with wholesale essential oil packaging boxes.

There are two types of customizations we offer. One is complicated that is a little bit more expensive. But you could go with classical and simple templates of custom printed cardboard essential oil boxes. These designs are affordable in rates and attractive in looks.

At Fast Custom boxes, we give a lot of discounts to our regular buyers if they place a bulk order for their custom printed essential oil boxes. Moreover, you can also save your money by requesting your order on those special days when we offer special sales.


All offers start 14 days prior to the occasion date. Place your orders timely to avoid transit delays.

Christmas and New Year Offers start 45 days prior to the Holiday.




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