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We know that Christmas day is a very heated time to boost the sales of your products. Either you are running a bakery business, clothes, ornaments, or selling beautiful gifts on this event. Customers are packed in all stores. Same as if you run some kind of online business website traffic goes through the roof. That’s why it’s a good practice to make your best packaging strategy earlier because sooner is better.

Why You Have To Plan It Earlier?

Most of the brands keep their main focus on the production of their Christmas present first. That’s why they get late to prepare attractive boxes for their products. In this unprecedented state, where the pandemic could cast some bad impacts on your sales you should have some extra preparation for this event. According To the research of 2018-19,

  • 75% of the orders for Christmas Eve Packaging are placed between September’s 1st week to October’s 4th week.
  • 76% of brands place big orders as compared to regular days.
  • So it’s a better suggestion for you to place your order earlier this Christmas, as the production time is longer as compared to normal days.

1) Use Red And Green Christmas Color

Both Red and Green are the two main colors utilized in the event of Christmas day. As these colors indicate Christmas trees, decorations, caps, and much more. So when you will go to design Boxes on Merry Christmas Eve, you should use these two colors to mold your packaging layout according to the occasion. 

Your Christmas present packed in such Christmas-themed packaging gives a strong statement of this great event of the year. This strategy could double the elegance of your product wrapping as shown below. 

2) Use Ribbons

The primary decoration linked to a Christmas gift packaging is a ribbon.

Don’t presume that it’s a cliché. Ribbons could be both a simple innovation to the Christmas packaging layout and appropriate marketing space.

3) Inspire Your Clients With Rustic Designing

Christmas Packaging Boxes in rustic designs offers an organic warmth as well as you can get the benefits of its simplicity in look. These types of designs are perfectly fit for so many products of different categories. As all the products look elegant in this unique and attention-grabbing design. 

  • These boxes could be printed in earthy brown Natural Color or mono colors like Golden, Black, Shades of Grey, and White.
  • You should avoid making your Christmas gift box design more complicated. 
  • The logo of your company with the ribbons in shiny ribbons like Golden, Red, Black, and Green can give your packaging a festive look.     

4) Emboss Icons

Embossing makes a box design more beautiful and elegant by print icons and Merry Christmas images in 3D on its surface. There are tons of icons that you could beautifully emboss on the outer surface of your Christmas box. It’s the best solution used by lots of brands to upscale their brand appearance. 

  • You could emboss icons of Christmas tree, Santa with Reindeers, Christmas bells, and much more.
  • Same as you could also emboss the name and logo on your Christmas Eve boxes to make it looks more prominent. 
  • Connect the embossed surface along with the gold foiling, stamps, and stickers. 
  • You could add a luminous effect under your embossed Merry Christmas images of trees. 

5) Add Wood Wool

Wood wool is a perfect option for any Christmas Box.

More significantly, it offers further amortization somewhere within the package. Whether one organic color might be used or a seasonal colored version-red, green, and gold. In this manner, your client receives a wonderfully displayed product.

6) Christmas Stamps

Christmas Hot stamping is a process for lamination with a flickering foil of a specific section of the layout. The outcome is an original, bright template piece. Start with the addition of hot stamping to the logo or title of your company or make a unique festive emblem with a cool texture. A hot-marked lining may also be applied to a text imprinted on the Merry Christmas Eve containers.

7) Christmas Cards

Christmas is an event all about glowing lights, happiness, and make people smile. You can get benefits from this event and make your customers feel special in so many ways. You can make such packaging boxes that could bring a beautiful smile on the face of your patrons. 

  • You can wonder your patrons with the hidden Christmas cards and humorous texts. You could use professional handwritten fonts to print some beautiful words for your patrons on this occasion.
  • At the end of that card, a Thank You note could also be printed to show your company’s thankfulness to get your product. 

Note: Send these cards in Christmas themed envelops to your loyal customers. That will make them feel valuable by your brand and help you to keep your bond with customers healthy.  

8) Give A Luxury Touch With Black & Golden Colors

Christmas brings a lot of customers with it and every company tries its level best to grab the attention of clients as much it can. In this race, every business fights to present its products in an elegant Christmas box. Same as green and red colors two other secret colors make your Custom Christmas gift boxes superior in look.

  • Black Color is the indicator of charm, simplicity, and attraction.
  • Gold Color allied with the luxurious look. 

Even a simple Christmas packaging box looks premium with the blend touch of these two professional colors. 

9) Notes For Christmas Wishing

This strategy always plays a good in giving a personal feel to your custom Christmas packaging boxes. But here the main question is, Why? 

Only because everyone wants to be respected and honored individually. A beautifully written note for every individual customer wishing him Merry Christmas 2020 along with your sign would give your packaging a delicate touch. You could cover it in a personalized envelope to make your client happy and unexpectedly surprised them.