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7 Ways To Get Christmas Gift Packaging In A Low Budget

Christmas Day, a festival that brings some of the happiest moments in our lives. An event to bring smiles on our faces. We all buy a different kind of precious Christmas presents to feel our near and dears special. We mostly keep our best focus on getting the most distinct present for our dears but we underestimate its packaging. But mostly we don’t have proper guidance in making our gifts more special utilizing alluring Christmas Eve boxes. The packaging is a part of the receiver’s experience and to present your gift in a most lovely way.

Moreover, if you are a business owner, and selling some kind of products on Christmas Eve, custom packaging also plays a vital role in catching the attention of your target clients. According to the results of a survey 2019 below, the value and power of Christmas boxes could be shown clearly.

Christmas Packaging Customization

Custom boxes are most liked due to their elegant looks and beautiful designs. There are tons of customizations, designs, and techniques that you could add to your packages to make them more attractive on Christmas Eve according to your budget. But there are also such techniques that could not just double the elegance of your product but are also affordable in cost. We have some most affordable ways to decorate your packaging to make it’s occasional.

1) Christmas Theme Printing

Printing is one of the main factors that could either increase your rates of packaging or decrease them. It is most important to judge which kind of printing is perfectly matching your packaging display needs.

We recommend you to go for DIGITAL PRINTING for your Christmas gift boxes as,

  1. 1 It is low in cost as compared to Litho Printing.
  2. 2 The quality of printing is comparable to offset printing.
  3. 3 Quick turnaround time.
  4. 4 If you are packing your product in Corrugated Boxes, Foldable Packages, Flexible Cardboard boxes. Digital Printing is a good choice for you. 

These are the 16 beautiful patterns of 2020 which you can use to print your Christmas Eve Packaging boxes.

Note: If you want to get multiple coatings for Matte soft Touch and top-notch gloss. Offset printing is a good selection for you. It would be a little bit costly but you can get multiple coatings with 4 color combinations. 

2) Custom Die Cut

Custom die-cut is a very powerful way to give your packaging boxes a unique look. You can cut different Christmas patterns and the Merry Christmas Images of trees, Christmas caps, reindeer, and much more on the upper surface of your cardboard packaging boxes. 

A small die-cut pattern on the corner of your Christmas 2020 packaging can keep your packaging box simple but exceptional in look. This is one of the most affordable ideas you can add to your Christmas boxes customization. 

3) Embossing & Debossing

Another best and affordable way to make Christmas day patterns more prominent in look is the process of embossing and debossing. If you don’t want to add die-cut Christmas icons to your packaging then this is the best alternative for you. 

  • Embossing is a way in which you can get your icons and Texts like “Merry Christmas” a little bit upward from the packaging surface.
  • Similarly Debossing slightly push your Merry Christmas Images and text inwards the surface as shown in the image below.
  • Moreover, you can also color these prominent parts according to the Christmas shades to give them a more delightful and festive look. 

4) Simple Is Better

We suggest you to use make your Merry Christmas eve packaging simple in look. There are multiple ways to make your packaging simple but professional. Simple designs and patterns can reduce the cost of your packaging boxes on a big scale. The more complex design is the more it would cost for customization. 

  • You can use plain colors like Black, Red, Green, Golden to make your packaging premium and luxury.
  • Similarly, there are coatings of Matte and Gloss that you can apply over the surface of your packages to make them remarkable.

5) Select the Appropriate Type of Box

Well, it’s a place where most people do mistakes. There are a lot of packaging types offered by boxes suppliers like Folding Cartons, Collapsible Boxes, Corrugated Trays, Full Over Lap boxes, Slide Type Boxes, and much more. Every box comes with different pricing and features. 

Don’t just look at the beautiful shape but also check that either this kind of box is suitable for your product or not. For Example, rigid boxes often comes in a form of two boxes use to pack mobile phones. So that single box would cost you equal to the cost of 2 boxes. That’s why take care of the type of box you are using to pack Christmas presents.

6) Gold Foiling

Many packaging as well as printing corporations nowadays offer different choices of foil stamping, which makes it affordable than ever. The gold color indicates luxuriousness and you can use this method to make your boxes more remarkable.

Usually, for high quantities of deliveries, the cost will increase just around 10-15% of the total manufacturing costs if you include extra solutions, like foil stamps and UV spots.

You could also make additional decorations for your Christmas 2020 packaging to boost its appeal without paying a lot of money.

7) Customize Your Packaging Internally

It would cost just 5 to 10% extra to the total cost of your Christmas gift boxes. You could customize the internal side of your boxes as well. There are several ways to design the interior part of your box and to make your receivers surprise.

  • You can add inserts to properly place your products. We recommend you use Christmas theme colors especially Red to print your inserts on merry Christmas Eve.
  • Same as you can also cover the internal part with the red and soft tissue paper to make the opening experience of your box more pleasant.
  • Similarly by adding some “thank you” notes are also economical in cost but cast a positive impact on the clients.